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The Moon is the alchemical planetary symbol of our Mother – the Lady Divine. Esbats may be celebrated at any day of the month. During each lunation, there are quarters and days with correspondences that improve your conditions for the optimum magickal outcome.The moon is a feminine symbol and that is why we associate the moon with the Goddess. The moon regulates the ocean tides and people even planted their crops by the phases of the moon.There are 28 Mansion of the Moon,13 moons during a 12 month year, and 4 moon phases during each lunar month. The 13th Moon is known as the Blue Moon and occurs when two full moons appear during one calendar month -most commonly the month of November. The phases of the moon are most common separated into three main phases: Waxing, Full and Waning – corresponding to the three aspects of the Goddess: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.The New or Dark Moon is celebrated differently depending on the practitioner. Some believe this is a time for magickal rest. Others believe this is the time to honor the Dark Goddess.

Waxing Moon – Honoring the Maiden:[]

Occurs after the New/Dark Moon and goes until the Full Moon. The three phases of this time include the Waxing Cresent Moon, the Waxing Quarter Moon and the Waxing Gibbous Moon. This is a great time for spellwork concering growth, increase and gain. The strongest day and night being that of the Full Moon.

Full Moon – Honoring the Mother:[]

The Full Moon is considered the most powerful of the phases. Spells concerning fullfillment, completion and extroversion are best done at this time. Remember, although it is a great time to work with others, people tend to be more emotional during a Full Moon.

Waning Moon – Honoring the Crone:[]

Occurs after the Full Moon and continues until the New/ Dark Moon. The three phases during the Waning Moon are the Waning Gibbous/ Disseminating Moon, the Waning Quarter and the Waning Crescent/ Balsamic Moon. This time is great for removing problems, decreasing and banishing spells. The strongest day and night being that of the New/Dark Moon.

New | Dark Moon – Honoring the Dark Goddess:[]

Occurs after the Waning Cresent/Balsamic Moon. Spellwork at this time consists of starting new projects or plans, making chages in your personal life and general introversion.

January – Wolf Moon – Inanna[]

This full moon is named for the ritual observance of protection. The Wolf protects and guards its home, family, and territory. Good fortune, a change of luck, and general household protection are all examples of ceremonial themes associated with the Wolf Moon.

February – Storm Moon – Brigid[]

This full moon is named for the acknowledging of the end of the long nights, cold weather, and the season of death. This ritual is good for planning for the spring, family peace, blessing the boundaries of your home and celebrating Valentine’s Day.

March – Chaste Moon – Zoe[]

This full moon is named for the recognition of spring. We consider all things in nature to be virginal, fresh, and blooming at this time. It is a time for new beginnings and rituals should reflect this by warding off negative energies and poverty, while making plans for the warm months ahead.

April – Planting Moon – Barbelo[]

This full moon reflects the sowing of seeds and a new time of growth. Rituals should include the planting of seasonal crops and acknowledging the new cycle of life. This is the time for putting winter plans into action.

May – Bright Moon – Shekinah[]

This full moon is associated with the Bright Mother. The ceremonies may include the aspects of spring-cleaning, life renewal, and purification, as well as Memorial Day activities.

June – Dyad Moon – Mary Magdalene[]

This full moon is named from the Latin word Dyad meaning two; indicating a pair or a set of twins. It is at this point that the days and nights are equal in length and the male and female forces of nature are in balance. Rituals should reflect an equal love for the male and female principles of the Divine.

July – The Blessing Moon – Asherah[]

This full moon recognizes the Blessing of everyday like that we may often take for granted. Ceremonies should include thanks for religious freedom and making plans for new goals.

August – Harvest Moon = Guadalupe[]

This full moon indicates the first of the three traditional harvests. This marks the time for the beginning of canning and preserving. Rituals are bread oriented, with a strong emphasis on the harvesting of crops, gardens, or the good fortune of the work you have accomplished in previous months.

September – Barley Moon – Sophia[]

This full moon is associated with the second and largest harvest of the year. This esbat is a time for elaborate fall celebration including the autumn equinox. Ceremonies are thanksgiving-oriented.

October – Blood Moon – Lilith[]

This full moon is affiliated with blood due to the beginning of hunting seasons and animal slaughters to prepare food for the winter. This month is the third and final harvest. October 31 ends the Wiccan calendar and rituals this month should deal with banishing bad habits and purification of one’s life and house.

November – Snow Moon – Holy Spirit[]

This full moon is named for the association of the coming of winter, symbolized by snow. The start of the season of death to the wheel of the year is a good time for reflection. Rituals should focus on the positive aspects of our lives and making plans to dispose of dead weight in our physical, spiritual, and emotional lives.

December – Oak Moon – Mary the Mother[]

This full moon is named after the mighty oak tree, which stands strong through the months of winter. The oak is a sign of strength to practitioners during the dreary winter months. Ceremonies of success and prosperity are often associated with the colors of green and brown, the colors of the leaves, and the color.

Random 13th Moon – Blue Moon – Levannah[]

This is when a full moon that happens twice within a calendar month. This moon is a variable as to when it will happen, thus giving rise to the old saying “once in a blue moon”. A blue moon is considered very lucky and all magickal workings during lunar ceremonies are extremely positive; this is a perfect time for prosperity and good luck workings.

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