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A wiccan first-degree initiation ritual consists of a sequence of several components.
The sequence of components is similar, but not identical,
between Gardnerian Wicca and Alexandrian Wicca.
That sequence of components, in Gardnerian Wicca, is as follows:

  • forming the circle
  • calling the mighty ones
  • "drawing-down the moon"
  • the charge of the goddess
  • the blade-threatenning, password, and blindfolding
  • the initiator's narration (this part of the ritual was not present prior to the early 1960s)
  • the forced dance-run
  • the five-fold kiss
  • measuring and binding
  • the BDSM nude, blindfolded, rope-bound, forcibly bent-over ass-whipping
  • the oath, made while in the same BDSM position
  • un-blindfolding and partial unbinding, and the triple-annointing
  • final unbinding, and the presentation of eight ritual objects
  • the concluding proclamation
  • love-bombing

To people who are not familiar with Gardnerian or Alexandrian Wicca,
the two BDSM steps must seem like a parody that was added by a vandal, but it isn't.
Gerald Gardner enjoyed BDSM, and incorporated it into all three of the initiation rituals that he wrote.
Gerald Gardner's desire to attract BDSM partners was a large part of his motivation in creating and promoting Gardnerian Wicca.

In Alexandrian Wicca, unlike in Gardnerian Wicca, the main initiator is called "the hierophant",
in imitation of the Golden Dawn, instead of "the magus".
The "hierophant" title does not replace a person's title "magus" in general, but rather,
it serves as an additional title, which applies specificly to the ritual.

The biggest change in the Alexandrian version of this ritual, compared to the Gardnerian version upon which it is based,
is that the postulant is blindfolded and rope-bound at the very beginning of the ritual, even before the circle is cast.
A second difference is that the postulant is left blindfolded during the triple-annointing.
Thus, in Alexandrian Wicca, a larger portion of the ritual is done when the candidate is blindfolded and/or rope-bound.

In Alexandrian Wicca, the initiator's narration step, which was added only shortly before Alex Sanders started
creating his own version of Wicca, is omitted.
The initiator's narration was not removed from the Alexandrian paradigm entirely,
but rather, it was moved out of the ritual, to become general advice for initiates.