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Jesus of Nazareth, also known simply as Jesus, was a jewish man from the northern Galilee area of roman-occupied Israel. Jesus didn't take judaism seriously, and he was also an autotheistic egomaniac, so he set out to make himself into a living god in the eyes of the people. He therefore payed some people to pretend to be possessed by demons, or to pretend to be sick or blind or crippled or dead, and to appear to be divinely healed by himself. Most of the people saw Jesus's trickery for what it was, but some people wanted to believe, and so they did. Jesus's antics (especially the one about pretending to bring a person back from death) pissed-off many orthodox jews, so those jews got him killed.

In addition to Jesus's faked miracles, there were also miracles that were simply made-up by the apostles. There are four main miracles of that type, which are walking-on-water, "the transfiguration", "the feeding of the multitudes", and the resurrection of Jesus. "The feeding of the multitudes" was originally a metaphor that Jesus told, in which Jesus compared his teachings to food which fed everyone in the crowd, but the apostles told it as if it were an actual miracle that occurred. In the case of the "resurrection", the apostles took Jesus's body in the night, probably to eat his flesh, and then said that he resurrected. The miracles of "the transfiguration", walking-on-water, and the resurrected Jesus were conveniently said to be witnessed only by the apostles- the people who agreed upon those lies.

In addition to the made-up miracles, there are also things that the apostles made-up about Jesus's background. Jesus himself never claimed to have been descended from King David, nor claimed to have been born from a virgin, nor claimed to have been born in Bethlehem, nor claimed to have been visited by three persian magi when he was an infant, nor claimed that his parents fled to Egypt to prevent King Herod from killing him as a baby, as is demonstrated by the two earlier gospels- Mark and John. However, in the heavily revized third gospel- Matthew, the apostles made-up the lie that Jesus was descended from King David, and made-up the lie that Jesus was born from a virgin, and made-up the lie that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, because old-testament prophesies state that the messiah will have those qualities. The apostles made-up the three-magi story simply to add to Jesus's prestige. The fourth gospel- Luke, is based upon the gospel of Matthew, and retains the lies that were newly introduced in the gospel of Matthew, except for the ones about the three maji and Herod's baby-killing.

The name "Jesus" is a hellenized version of Jesus's true aramaic name, which was Jeshua. Followers of Jesus often call him "Christ" or "Jesus Christ". The word "christ" is the hellenized word for "messiah", which means "oil-annointed king". The word "king" in that context originally meant "the king of the jews", but christians may intend it to mean "the king of the world".