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Magic is phenomena that cannot be adequately explained with conventional rational explanations,
and is typically done willfully by an individual or group.

Some people spell the word "magic" as "magick", which is a spelling that was invented by Aleister Crowley.

Different occult religions and groups practice different genres of alleged magic, and have different theories of how magic works.

Although there are a variety of genres of magic, all magic can be put into a few broad categories, according to the intention of the magic.
The broadest division of magic is between practical magic and mystical magic.
Practical magic is intended to achieve any of various extrinsic goals, such as money, career success, fame, love, marriage, sex, luck, revenge, or healing.
Mystical magic, in contrast, is done for a more intrinsic goal, being done for the sake of the experience of the magic.
Mystical magic includes invocation, evocation, and out-of-body experiences, among other things.
There can also be dual-purpose magic, which serves both a mystical purpose and a practical purpose.
Practical magic is further divisible into white magic, black magic, and grey magic.
White magic is practical magic that is intended to benefit the physical health, mental health, or well-being of one or more people or animals,
without interfering with anyone's will.
Black magic is practical magic that is intended to cause some kind of harm to one or more people or animals, such as injury, death, disease, or poverty.
Grey magic is any form of practical magic that is neither white magic nor black magic. For example, magic to attain wealth or fame are two types of grey magic.
There are a few disruptively deceptive individuals who use the catchphrase "magic does not have color".
Such people are deliberately conflating the literal with the abstract, because the meaning of these three colors in the context of magic is abstract, not literal.