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Wicca is historically an Initiatory Mystery Tradition, but over time it has become very diverse with traditions that don't strictly adhere to the original beliefs and practices. The core theistic beliefs center around honouring of the Goddess and the God, whose relationship is portrayed through the cycles of nature. It is a spiritual path that can be seen to be include aspects of Magick, Mysticism and Religion. Read more...

What Wicca Is

  • Is traditionally a duotheistic religion with covens choosing patron deities from a particular pantheon with which the work most often. However, modern traditions do not necessarily adhere to this.
  • Is a religion which first came into the public eye in the 1950's but was in existance before this time and draws from many different pre-christian sources.
  • Includes elements of Panentheism
  • Stresses personal experience with divinity (Mysticism) and the exploration of True Will.
  • Personal Responsibility for ones actions is an important moral teaching of Wicca, found in the Wiccan Rede

What Wicca Is Not

  • Satanism. Wicca does not recognize the Christian fallen-angel, Satan, sometimes referred to as the devil.
  • Druidism. A druid was a member of the priestly class in Gaul and possibly other parts of Celtic western Europe during the Iron Age. Wicca follows a different, but similar belief to that of the Druids. Druidism and Wiccan are both Pagan beliefs, however they are different religions.

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