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The New Forest Coven is the group that created the earliest form of Wicca, which could be called Proto-Wicca.
Gerald Gardner based the wiccan rituals in his book of shadows upon the rituals of the New Forest Coven.
Gerald Gardner said that the New Forest Coven's rituals were fragmentary, so he added much content to them.

The New Forest Coven met in the second house of the wealthy old woman Dorothy Clutterbuck.
The house was probably rented by the coven. The house was in the town of Christchurch, on the southern coast of England,
southwest of Southampton, and next to the 'new forest' area, from which the coven was named.

In the house of Dorothy Clutterbuck, in september of 1939, Gerald Gardner was initiated into the coven by Edith Woodford-Grimes,
who went under the craft name 'Dafo', and was probably the leader of the coven.

Several years later, in or near 1946, after world war 2 was over, Gardner and Woodford-Grimes split off from
the New Forest Coven to create a new coven, called the Bricket Wood Coven, at a nudist club.
Edith Woodford-Grimes was Gardner's high priestess. As the leader of the Bricket Wood Coven,
Gerald Gardner added much material to the rituals of his former coven, thus creating Gardnerian Wicca.