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New Forest Wicca was the first and original form of Wicca.
Back when New Forest Wicca existed, it was not called that,
but was only a group of people who called themselves "the wica".
The name "New Forest Wicca" was created to distinguish that
original form of Wicca from all of the other types of Wicca that came after it.

The name "New Forest Wicca" is derived from the name "New Forest Coven",
which is the name of the one and only coven that practiced that form of Wicca.

New Forest Wicca was created in or around 1936, in the "New Forest" area of southernmost England,
by members of the Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship (ROCF).
Those ROCF members were inspired to do so by the two witch-related books by
Margaret Murray, which were published in 1921 and 1931.

There is incomplete knowledge about New Forest Wicca,
because its members were private, and did not seek to recruit any new members from
outside the ROCF, and because the sect became defunct.